Starsuckers is a feature documentary about the celebrity obsessed media, that uncovers the real reasons behind our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from it. Made completely independently over 2 years in secret, the film journeys through the dark underbelly of the modern media. Using a combination of never before seen footage, undercover reporting, stunts and animation, the film reveals the toxic effect the media is having on us all and especially our children. Chris Atkins presents Starsuckers as a series of five lessons on fame in the modern world: how children are persuaded that fame is something they want, how television and the media reinforces the importance of celebrity and the efforts to attain it, how the mind and body reinforces our need to follow the activities of well-known people and strive to join their number, how the press became addicted to celebrity coverage, and how the art of promoting fame has led to celebrities and their handlers controlling the press instead of the press having say. Along the way, Atkins demonstrates how celebrity news with no basis in fact gets into print, why newspapers will run press releases almost verbatim, how parents will eagerly sign away the image rights to their kids, how certain mass scale charity events end up helping the performers far more than the causes they designed to support, and how publicists keep accurate but unflattering stories out of the news.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Suggeston from a Reader and Our Reply

just a suggestion -

i read the HORSE SLAUGHTER petition you've designed.. (click on title above to see petition) there are some very good points, but the EMPHASIS and dramatization and "call-outs" you've got in your letter, EVEN THOUGH it is written very well, comes off some what amateur and makes the reader (me) want to dismiss it.

i used the above changes in type style and emphasis in the paragraph above to try to show you what other readers might see and think. you write very well, very. but the added emphasis and 'shouting' are unnecessary and even detrimental to your purpose i think. also, there are several typos.

good luck w/ your petition. it's a great idea.

judy dodds



Most people who are familar with our work expect that kind of "emphasis & punKed'ctuation (sic) . They know that "we" are in fact amateurs and our main concern in writing is getting our message across. We noticed that you have a habit of writing proper nouns all in lower case and are wondering whats up with that?
As for our mispeeleings and tpyos, we have let it be known FOR YEARS that we are in need of editorial services - but so far no one has come forward to volunteer for the job. Can you help? lol
Thanks for your input and your kind and encouraging words anyways.